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WCF announces player list - 01/06/2022 11:34

All WCF Members have nominated valid players for their Membership places. The list below shows these 38 players and also the previously awarded Ranking and Wild Card Places.

Player Country Place Type
Robert Fletcher Australia Member Place
Alison Sharpe Australia Member Place
Pierre Beaudry Belgium Member Place
Hanan Rashad Canada Member Place
Hesham Elzoghby Canada Member Place
Miroslav Havlik Czech Republic Member Place
Mohamed Nasr Egypt Initial Ranking Place
Ahmed Nasr Egypt Initial Ranking Place
Mohamed Karem Egypt Initial Ranking Place
Yasser Sayed Egypt Initial Ranking Place
Ahmed El Mahdy Egypt Egypt Initial Ranking
Amr Alebiary Egypt Initial Ranking Place
Mostafa Nezar Egypt Initial Ranking Place
Omar Fahmy Egypt Initial Ranking Place
Maram Nabil Egypt Initial Ranking Place
Karim Ghamry Egypt Initial Ranking Place
Naguib Hossam Egypt Initial Ranking Place
Mohamed Walid Egypt Member Place
Yasser Fathy Egypt Member Place
John-Paul Moberly England Initial Ranking Place
Stephen Mulliner England Initial Ranking Place
Tobi Savage England Initial Ranking Place
Rachel Gee England Initial Ranking Place
Robert Fulford England Initial Ranking Place
Jonathan Powe England Initial Ranking Place
Richard Bilton England Member Place
William Gee England Member Place
Euan Burridge England Member Place
Stuartm Smith England Member Place
Aston Wade England Member Place
Nick Archer England Member Place
Jack Good England Wild Card
Steve Leonard England Member Place
Helena Jannson Finland Member Place
Gerald Ehmes Germany Member Place
Mark Stephens Ireland Member Place
Evan Newell Ireland Member Place
Tomass Freimanis Latvia Member Place
Brian Lozano Mexico Member Place
Jenny Clarke New Zealand Member Place
Nelson Morrow New Zealand Member Place
Morten Weaver Norway Member Place
Dusan Turcer Portugal Member Place
Stephen Wright Scotland Member Place
Lorna Dewar Scotland Member Place
Reg Bamford South Africa Initial Ranking Place
Judith Hanekom South Africa Member Place
Alfred Makhubo South Africa Member Place
Jose Riva Spain Initial Ranking Place
Jose Alvarez-Sala Spain Member Place
Manuel Alvarez-Sala Spain Member Place
Joi Elebo Sweden Member Place
Lewis Palmer Sweden Member Place
Peter Payne Switzerland Member Place
Maria Lamb Uruguay Member Place
Sherif Abdelwahab USA Member Place
Matthew Essick USA Member Place
Blake Fields USA Wild Card
Ian Burridge Wales Initial Ranking Place
Chris Roberts Wales Member Place