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Covid-19 Precautions

How to keep safe from Covid-19 during the Competition

The Organising Committee has given great thought to ensuring that Players, Officials and Spectators can remain free of Covid-19 during this event.

Croquet is a safe sport environment as it is played outdoors with small numbers of players on court at any one time so the likelihood of infection is low.

The Committee is publishing plans which take account of the latest National Health Service (NHS) England guidance on Covid‑19 and identifies the practical steps we should all take to stay safe.

Principal amongst these will be a simple message to all, players, officials and spectators: If you have a high temperature or other symptom of Covid-19, or have tested positive for the infection, then please do not come to the venue but to stay at home (or accommodation) and get better. 

At the tournament venue, as much as possible will be outdoors or under tented cover with the sides open to the air.

The Covid-19 policy for this World Championship

  • If you test positive for Covid-19 or have a high temperature and other symptoms of Covid-19, then to protect other people please do not attend the World Championship venue.
  • If you become ill while you are at the venue, then please check with an official and be prepared to return to your home or your hotel (following NHS England advice on Covid-19).
  • In any of these circumstances, please check the latest advice on the pandemic:
  • If the NHS England advice on Covid-19 changes at any point before or during the Championship, then we will change this policy as necessary.