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Players in the Qualifier Competition

The Qualifiers Competition at Eastbourne

Here is a list of those playing in the Qualifier Competition as currently listed. There are also a large number of reserves who will take any vacant places before the event starts. 6 players from this competition will enter the Championship.

Player Country or Club
Alaa Abulnour Egypt
Richard Brooks Sussex County
Simon Carter Dulwich
Morgan Case Sussex County
Jonathan Claxton Dulwich
David Cornes Crake Valley
Nicolas Denizot Spain
Andrew Dymond Dulwich
Mostafa Eissa Egypt
Begona Elzaburu Spain
Liz Farrow Sussex County
Roger Goldring Phyllis Court
Paul Gunn Wingrave
Andrew Hobbs South Africa
Lester Hughes Australia
Neil Humphreys Sussex County
Tudor Jenkins Sussex County
Tim Jolliff Budleigh
Debbie Lines Peterborough
Ian Lines Peterborough
Dominic Nunns Sussex County
Helen Reeves New Zealand
Ben Rothman USA
Tim Russell Roehampton
Guy Scurfield Dulwich
Jayne Stevens Northampton
Joel Taylor Roehampton
Khaled Tharwat Egypt
Lionel Tibble Northampton
David Wise Australia

This competition is at Compton Croquet Club (Eastbourne) from 25-28 July.

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