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Ian Burridge PROFILE
IanBurridge.jpg Ian began playing as a 17 year old at school in Colchester. He rapidly progressed becoming an AC International for Wales and Great Britain. More recently Ian has focussed on GC winning the English National Singles in 2016 and the First Eight in 2017. He remains a regular representative of Wales in international events and is President of the World Croquet Federation and Treasurer of the Croquet Association. Ian lives near Grantham and plays at the Nottingham croquet club with his son Euan.
Ranked in World Top 50

Chris Roberts PROFILE
ChrisRoberts.png Chris Roberts is best known as the long-time (and now former) editor of the Croquet Gazette, is also Chairman of the Southern Croquet Federation, Chairman of his first club Phyllis Court at Henley-on-Thames and is also a member at High Wycombe CC.
Chris is a keen advocate of competitive sport and sits on the Croquet Association’s Handicap Committee, GC Selection Committee and GC Tournaments Committee; under the latter's umbrella, Chris is Director of the GC National Open, A, B and C-Level Series competitions. He also coaches croquet and manages many tournaments each season for the CA, his Federation and Clubs, quite often as a 'double act' with fellow Championship Referee Frances Colman.
Chris plays and enjoys competitive GC and AC equally (he is higher ranked in the former), and can be found playing in a tournament somewhere nearly every weekend.
In GC, Chris' career highlight so far was third-place at the European Championships of 2016 and progressing through the qualifying event to play in the GC World Championship of 2019. He has also won three English National Singles Championship (ENSC) qualifiers; the Cheltenham Open 2017, Sidmouth Open in 2016 and Roehampton Open 2012, and has qualified for the ENSC Finals ('Ascot Cup') on six occasions. Chris also plays in the British Open most years.
In AC, Chris’ play is ‘exciting’ and not for the faint hearted, but of late is getting more controlled as he closes in on an elusive first triple-peel. He plays in South Africa each February and co-leads a croquet holiday to Corfu every two years.
Given the chance, Chris will bore you all you want with croquet talk 😊.
Ranked in World 100-150

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