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Peter Payne PROFILE
PeterPayne.jpg Peter Payne worked in the Swiss financial sector for almost 45 years and now runs his own financial and administrative service and advisory company, Helfides SA.  He played croquet in the family garden as a youngster and joined the CERN CC in the late 80s.  For many years he was involved in the administrative side of the game, but also found the time to play both AC and GC in numerous WCs, ECs, SCs and other events, with moderate success. He reached the quarterfinals of the GC WC in Leamington Spa in 1998.  After a 12-year extended sabbatical, he reappeared on the lawns in late 2018, and was elected treasurer of the WCF in late 2021. He is also treasurer of CERN CC in Geneva and a member of CroquetVS in Sion (Valais, Switzerland). A widower, his other interests include travel, skiing and hiking, music (opera, classical, jazz), philately, and all things epicurean.
Ranked in World 400-500

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