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JoiElebo.jpg Joi Elebo, age 34, works as a Product Manager. Due to the lack of croquet clubs in Sweden he has built a croquet lawn in his back-yard, which is the venue for his club, Carpe Croquetum. Joi is a former Nordic champion in Golf Croquet and has represented Sweden in all 3 GC World Team events so far. In 2019 Joi played his first GC Worlds, where he managed to reach the knockout stage.
Ranked in World 100-150

Lewis Palmer PROFILE

I am 58 years old and work as a CFO for an insulation company in Trosa which is one hour south of Stockholm on Sweden’s beautiful east coast. I moved to Sweden in 2007 to be with my girlfriend Monica and we have just celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary. Apart from croquet I enjoy playing tennis, sailing and blowing my trumpet in the local brass band.

I grew up in England where I first starting playing association croquet in 1985 and spent numerous years playing on the “croquet circuit” with the likes of Robert Fulford, Chris Clarke and David Maugham.  I starting playing golf croquet about 5 years ago and managed to get to the semi-final of the European Championships in my first serious competition. Since then I have won the Swedish Championship twice.  

Ranked in World 150-200