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Nick Archer PROFILE
NickArcher.jpg I'm 48 and play croquet for Watford croquet club. Started playing croquet in 2007. Have won 3 national titles in my playing career. Most recently the Open GC series 2021.
This will be my 3rd World Championships. Last time out I made it to the last 16.
Ranked in World 50-100

Richard Bilton PROFILE
RichardBilton.jpg Richard won his first open tournament in May 2018 and finished the year by winning the English National Singles Championship, his first GC 'major'. Richard was part of the winning England team in the inaugural GC England v Spain Match. He came 5th in the 2019 GC World Championship and went on to play for England in the 2020 GC World Team Championships in New Zealand, in which England came third. Richard won the GC British Open Doubles Championship in 2021 while partnering Reg Bamford.
Richard is currently on the CA GC Tournament Committee and GC Rules Committee, he is also the WCF GC Ranking Officer and Assistant Ranking Officer for England.
Ranked in World 100-150

Euan Burridge PROFILE
EuanBurridge.jpg Euan took up the game at the age of 7 under his Dad’s wing at Nottingham Croquet club and has since gone on to play various tournaments both nationally and internationally. His notable performances have been a Semi-Final at the U21 Golf Croquet World Championships in 2019 and winning the plate and the main event that year. He has also won the GC Welsh Championship, AC National Junior Championship, GC Under 25s Open Championship and also reached the final of the 2021 Ricki Savage Memorial. Away from croquet Euan currently studies International Business Management and Professional Golf.
Ranked in World Top 50

Simon Carter PROFILE
Ranked in World 50-100

Robert Fulford PROFILE

Rob is one of the most successful ever association croquet players, having won the world championship five times and being part of a winning MacRobertson Shield team seven times.

At golf croquet Rob’s achievements are more modest, having won a few domestic titles and the East Anglian championship a lot.

Rob lives in Kent with his wife Susan and their two daughters.

Ranked in World Top 25

Rachel Gee PROFILE
RachelGee.jpg Rachel started playing competitive croquet when she was 15 and lives and works in Nottingham. She has represented England in the Openshaw Shield (2016), won the English National Singles Championship twice (2019, 2020), the European Championships twice (2014, 2018) and the Women's World Championship (2011).
Ranked in World Top 25

WillGee.jpg Will started playing at Nottingham, originally playing only Association Croquet, but eventually making a complete shift to Golf Croquet. Will fondly remembers 2011-2016 and talks about those years as often as possible. During that time, he won several ranking competitions, including two English Championships, played for England in the first two GC World Team Championships and received a Croquet Full Blue at Oxford University. But his time for Croquet almost completely evaporated when he started a PhD in sleep deprivation. After briefly pursuing an academic career in Melbourne, Will returned to his hometown in 2019 and now hopes to play more regularly.
Ranked in World Top 50


Jack is a Year 11 pupil at Rivington & Blackrod School on the outskirts of Bolton. He has been knocking croquet balls around various croquet clubs since he was about 7 - mainly to stave off boredom when his dad was playing in tournaments. Jack started showing more consistency in 2018 and as a member of Bowdon played for their teams still aged 11.
Last year he won his 1st Ascot – the Lancs Open, the 3rd Eight and he finished runner up in the Ascot Finals. His ranking improved by 318 points.
Jack is also a member of Bury Croquet Club. Apart from croquet Jack plays centre half for Moss Bank Juniors FC and scrum half for Bolton Rugby Club. He has been a member of the Sale Sharks DPP for the past 4 seasons and also plays for Lancashire u16’s. 

(Jack has a wild card place)

Ranked in World 50-100

Tim Jolliff PROFILE

I learnt the basics of AC at University, then had ten year break whilst I did not even realise croquet was played outside of Cambridge/ a few people's gardens.

I moved to Taunton in 2000 moved in next to the croquet club that I did not know was there. someone showed me a 4 ball break and I was hooked. Started on handicap 14 and gradually improved each year enjoying the croquet at each level. First tp in 2014 which I really enjoyed.

Now play a a fair bit of GC as well.

I teach chemistry at Queen's College in Taunton where I have run a croquet club for the pupils for several years.

Ranked in World 50-100


Born in 1965, Ian is a safety and risk management consultant living near Stamford. He started playing croquet in 1993, and won the 1995 All England Association Handicap Championship. During 2004, he won the Chairman's Salver and played for Great Britain in their successful Solomon Trophy team against the USA in Palm Springs. More recently, he has represented England in the Home Internationals, won the Chairman's Salver again in 2008 and 2016, the Coles Championship in 2008 and the North of England Championship in 2009. He has played in the President's Cup in 2010 and been ranked as high as 5th in the Association world rankings. Although primarily an Association player, Ian also enjoys Golf croquet, in which his greatest achievements have been winning the Musk Cup in 2007 and the Plate at the 2008 World Championship in Capetown. However, his proudest croquet achievement was to be a member of the Great Britain team that won the MacRobertson Shield in 2010. Ian has travelled extensively around the world to play croquet, and came 3rd at the 2006 Australian Open, won the Z event at the 2007 New Zealand Open, won the Plate at the AC World Championship in Florida in 2016 and won the 2009 New Zealand Open Doubles with Michael Wright.

Ian was the Tournament Secretary for Bowdon Croquet Club from 1997 to 2011, organising all the external tournaments, as well as managing several CA tournaments each year. He was Secretary of the North West Federation of Croquet Clubs for 10 years, and joined the CA Council in 2012, currently serving as Chairman of the International and a member of the AC Selection and Association Laws Committees, as well as being Chairman of the Mac Selection Committee. In addition to playing croquet, Ian is a Grade 3 coach, Championship Referee and also enjoys walking and travel with his wife Debbie.

Ranked in World 50-100

Steve Leonard PROFILE

Age 63

Started playing in 2016 at local club Wareham.
Am a now member of East Dorset & Winterborne Valley Croquet clubs
Invited to join International Development Squad 2018
Played in Over 50's World Championship in Cairo 2018
Played in GC World Championship 2019
Won Spiers Trophy for most improved GC player 2019
National Doubles Champions with partner Stuart M Smith 2020
Reached Final of Baltic Open GC 
Home Internationals debut for England in 2021

Ranked in World Top 25

John-Paul Moberley PROFILE
John-PaulMoberley.jpg John-Paul has been ranked around the world's top 10 for the last six years. After discovering croquet at his local club Croquet Durham in 2011, John-Paul entered the GC tournament circuit in 2014 and has since won numerous national tournaments. He is a three times Ricki Savage Memorial (First Eight) champion and four times British Open runner-up. He has competed internationally at the last three GC World Championships, finishing 10th overall in 2017. As captain he led England to a bronze medal in the 2020 Openshaw Shield. John-Paul is a member at Bowdon and outside of croquet is a Hydraulic Engineer for United Utilities.
Ranked in World Top 10

Stephen Mulliner PROFILE
StephenMulliner.jpg Stephen Mulliner, 68, discovered competitive croquet as a Cambridge undergraduate in 1975 and began playing in tournaments in 1976.  In Association Croquet, he has won the British Open Championship three times, the World Championship in 2016 and has represented Great Britain or England in the MacRobertson Shield on eight occasions since 1982.
Stephen took up Golf Croquet seriously in 2000 and has won the British Open Championship eight times and reached the World Championship semi-finals three times.  He has represented England in the Openshaw Shield three times and is the current English National Singles Champion.
Ranked in World Top 50

Dominic Nunns PROFILE
Ranked in World 50-100

Jonathan Powe PROFILE
JonathanPowe.jpg Jonathan took up croquet in 2013 and started playing competitively in 2015.  He was selected for the England GC Team for the Home Internationals in 2018 and the GC Tests against Spain in 2019 and 2022.  He has won the  English National GC Doubles twice (with different partners).  He reached the second round of the GCWC knockout in 2019.  
Ranked in World Top 50

Tobi Savage PROFILE

Tobi started competing nationally in 2010, played his first international event in 2013, and played in the World Team Championships in 2016 (as a reserve) and again in 2020, only this time on the team. Notable achievements include wins in the English National Doubles Championship and The British Open Doubles with partner John-Paul Moberly, and wins in the English National Singles Championship and The GC Eights top flight event. He has been runner up in the British Open Singles twice, and was shield finalist in the World Championship 2019. England won bronze in the 2020 World Team Championship. Tobi also won the Belgian Open 2017, which was one of the most enjoyable events Tobi has participated in.

He has a unique playing style, with a deliberate action, which can generate a surprising amount of power, a hard-hitting play style, often favouring aggressive tactics, and will not shy away from low-odds lines of play. "Go half-way" is not really in his vocabulary. Tobi works as a Train Driver, has a Siberian Husky, and sometimes rides his motorcycle to croquet tournaments. He is married to Emma, and is father to 17 month old Monti.

Ranked in World Top 10

Stuart M Smith PROFILE
StuartSmith.jpg Stuart M. Smith started playing croquet in 2016 and won the Spiers trophy for the Most Improved Player in 2018. 
He has subsequently won the GC A Level Series twice, 2019 & 2020, The English National GC Doubles Championship 2020, and also the Selectors second 8s, in 2019. 
In 2021 Stuart was Captain of the successful England team winning the GC Home Internationals. Stuart moved to Devon in 2019 with his family and is now Captain of the newly formed Devon County GC team. He is a member of Budleigh Croquet Club and has close ties with Sidmouth Croquet Club. 
Ranked in World 100-150

Joel Taylor PROFILE
Ranked in World 100-150

Lionel Tibble PROFILE
LionelTibble.jpg Lionel is a retired energy consultant with a background in marine engineering and brewing. He began playing AC in 1991 and GC in 2011. He is a three times winner of the Du Pre Cup and an active member of Northampton Croquet Club. In his debut year of competitive GC he reached the knock out stages of the 2011 London World Championships. He won the inaugural London Masters event in 2012 without losing a single game and since then has played in both the Ascot and Musk cups regularly. Lionel was a team member of the England squad for the 2016 World Team GC Championships and has recently taken up the appointment for International Performance Development Director GC.
Ranked in World 100-150

Aston Wade PROFILE

Aston started playing Association Croquet in 2016 during his first year at Winchester College. He later learned to play Golf Croquet at Hamptworth Croquet Club in the summer of 2020. The following year, he won the British Open at the age of 18.

This year, Aston has been gaining experience at the international level. He won the 2022 European Championships in May and was selected for the England GC teams in the Test Match vs Spain as well as the GC Home Internationals. He also represented England at the AC Home Internationals. 

Aston is currently studying Medical Sciences at the University of Exeter.

Ranked in World Top 25

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