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Plate Blocks

Plate Blocks Schedule

The Plate blocks will be played on Thursday and Friday 4th-5th August. Further details will not be known until just beforehand.

The format of the Plate will be six blocks of either 5 or 6 players, giving each player 4 or 5 double games over two days. On Thursday, when three rounds will be played, half the blocks will be at Compton, and the other half at Tunbridge Wells and West Worthing, On Friday, when two rounds will be played, those who played at Compton on Thursday will be at Tunbridge Wells and West Worthing, and the others will be at Southwick.

The Plate draw will be done once the Championship playoffs are completed on Wednesday afternoon and it is known exactly how many players are in the event.

Plate blocks P, Q, R and S involve one block playing their match, then the next block playing theirs and repeating the process. If one block has only five players, only two lawns will be in use and a subsequent session may be able to start earlier.  Plate blocks T and U are the only blocks using their two lawns and so each round can immediately follow the next.

Lawns for block play will be allocated in advance, and players should start their match as soon as the designated lawn is available.

Eight players will qualify for the knockout. If playoffs are required to determine these eight, they will be played on Friday to decide positions in each block. If there are less than eight blocks and further playoffs are required, these may be played on Saturday at Compton before the quarter finals.